About us

Quiet Mind Meditation is based in the northern Victorian town of Kyabram, roughly half way between Echuca and Shepparton.

We offer:

Our courses and meditation group are secular and based on mindfulness practices.

Facilitator – Dey Alexander

Dey was introduced to meditation in 2001 when she accompanied a friend to a meditation course. She went along to support her friend, with little interest in taking up the practice herself. However, her first experience of meditation changed that. It motivated her to begin a daily practice and she soon saw the beneficial effects it had on her work and personal life.

Dey AlexanderDey’s initial training was in meditating on the breath and mantra repetition. She became involved in an ashram community, learned chanting and other Hindu practices, and read texts in the Advaita Vedanta and Kashmir Shaivism traditions.

In trying to build on her meditation practice, Dey became interested in mindfulness and Buddhist practices such as Metta Bhavana (loving kindness) and Tonglen (a compassion practice).

Dey has completed meditation teacher training through the Gawler Foundation, and is registered to offer their mindfulness-based stillness meditation course.