Archive of Resources for MBSM course

Week 1

Rapid relaxation (5:33 minutes)

Relaxing body scan (11:47 minutes)

Week 2

Short mindfulness meditation (10:06 minutes)

Week 3

Shorter mindfulness meditation (5:12 minutes)

Week 4

Mindfulness meditation with the four access points (11:24 minutes)

Week 5

Mindfulness meditation including emotions (9:54 minutes)

Mindfulness meditation including the body and emotions (15:06 minutes)

Week 6

Meditation on noticing the still and silent background of awareness [6:58 minutes]

Mindfulness-based stillness meditation, short version [11:40 minutes]

Week 7

Gratitude meditation [12:37 minutes]

Week 8

Mindfulness-based stillness meditation, longer version [20 minutes]