Meditation courses

Mindfulness-based stillness meditation

“If you truly want to change your life, you must first be willing to change your mind.”

Course outline

This 8-week course, designed by the Gawler Foundation, is structured to gently lead you into the practice of mindfulness meditation. We’ll go step by step through the process, providing a little theory and an opportunity for guided practice.

During the course, we’ll discuss:

  • Preparation for meditation: environment, relaxation, posture, attitude
  • Benefits of mindfulness meditation
  • Obstacles to mindfulness and how to deal with them
  • Two primary modes of being; stress response, relaxation response
  • Two aspects of mind: thinking and awareness
  • Awareness and the contents of awareness
  • Qualities of awareness
  • Emotions and the ACE factor (attending, connecting, expressing)
  • Two aspects of emotions: cognitive and affective
  • Movement and stillness
  • Mindfulness in daily life

Over the 8 weeks, we’ll practice mindfulness of sounds, breath, body, emotions and thoughts. This will lead us to the complete practice of mindfulness-based stillness.


The course is facilitated by Dey Alexander. Dey has been meditating for 17 years. She trained as a meditation teacher through the Gawler Foundation and is registered to offer this course.

Why learn mindfulness meditation?

Because it works! Hundreds of scientific studies show that mindfulness helps:

  • reduce stress and psychological distress
  • decrease anxiety and depression
  • increase emotion regulation and self-control
  • improve general health and ability to deal with illness
  • boost resilience
  • enhance social and relational skills
  • improve a range of cognitive functions.


As part of the course, you’ll get:

  • Weekly course handouts
  • Access to download further reading
  • Guided meditations recorded to help you work your way through the course.

Time and dates

Classes run over 8 weeks. All classes are on Tuesdays, from 1 May to 26 June (no class on Tuesday 15 May). Each session runs for the full 90 minutes. Enrol in one of 2 sessions:

  • Afternoon session, 1-2.30pm
  • Evening session, 7-8.30pm.

Location and parking

The workshops will be held at Kyabram Community and Learning Centre, 21-25 Lake Road, Kyabram. Free parking is available at the rear of the centre.

Cost and registration

$77.00 (incl. GST), plus 30c booking fee.

Online bookings now open